look inside the world’s most luxurious jets

May 6, 2014 in post then categories by admin


 If you think you’ve flown first class – wait till you see these seats, here at FlyLately.com  Just WOW

Etihad Airways is putting the “class” in “first class” – offering commercial passengers their own private residence in the air… complete with a trained butler, gourmet chef and concierge.
The spaces, called “The Residence,” will sit in the upper-deck and offer room for as many as two people. Talk about a honeymoon on the way to the honeymoon.

But it’s not just a cozy cabin with a little extra hired help – travelers will get three rooms: a living room, double bedroom and bathroom with a shower so you can figuratively and literally live above everyone – at least for as long as your flight lasts.

The new luxury airlines suites will debut in Etihad’s new Dreamliners in October and the new A380s in December. And while we’re excited to see the finished product, we’re not so sure about the price – which is estimated to be around 20 grand.

Although, an aviation journalist told CNBC, “…the super-luxe three-room suite actually is cheaper than flying the same route in a private plane, so maybe for the bargain-hunting billionaire, the Residence may be just the ticket.”

That doesn’t make us feel much better.


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